The tragedy in the Winter Cherry Trade Center

The tragedy that took place in the Trade Center “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo is terrible with its consequences.

There are no official findings yet, but with great probability it can be said that the fire protection systems did not work or simply were not installed.

But this could not happen … Dear Business Owners !!!  We urge you to be responsible for fire safety:

When introducing an object into operation, check the compliance of fire protection systems with the involvement of a “third party” (accredited inspection body according to DBN B 2.5-56 2014).

In the period of operation, to assess the fire status of the object, do not neglect the ability to hire a company with a reputation, a license and qualified specialists and check their buildings for the performance of fire protection systems.

Our company has been involved in the installation and maintenance of fire protection systems for more than 20 years, and we know the “two sides” of this business.

People will thank you for your saved lives!