Services for business

In the course of business activities, entities (legal entities and individuals-entrepreneurs) have a sufficient number of opponents whose actions or inactivity, aimed at causing damage to a company, to a conflict of interest between managers or partners, to attempt to squeeze out of the market.

There is a certain array of illegal activities of illegal formations that rely on redistribution of business or a certain part of revenues (raid) collector organizations whose activities are recognized as illegal, but they continue to “attack” entrepreneurs, as well as small “mortars”, former employees who released or reduced, which cause significant damage to the enterprise and moral damage to their managers.

According to statistics, in Ukraine, in most cases, all security companies are engaged in provision of video-control bandwidth, as well as checking on the convictions of employees and applicants.

But not all businesses have the ability to hold the staff of security business. Sometimes the existing security company can not cope with the amount of information it analyzes, with a comprehensive inspection of employees and applicants, as well as partners and counterparties. In these cases, we offer our services to ensure business security, namely:

  • – Checking staff / applicants;
  • – Checking partners / counterparties;
  • – Verification of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • – Identification of the reasons for failure to execute contracts;
  • – Identification of the reasons for non-fulfillment, inappropriate fulfillment of obligations;
  • – Establishing the facts of theft;
  • – Monitoring of security services, etc.