Security Services

The main focus of our activity in the security services market is joint use at the objects (residential, office, industrial), guarded, physical posts and technical means of protection used to increase the efficiency and reliability of the entire complex of security of facilities in accordance with the current legislation Of Ukraine.

Security activities consist of a set of measures to carry out the service of guards on objects in the form of: daytime, round-the-clock security posts, etc. Each security post has its own structure and performs its duties in accordance with the approved Instruction.

Centralized control of posts of protection of objects (residential buildings, educational institutions, office premises, construction and industrial sites, etc.) is carried out by the chief of the guard service (the head of the object’s security) under the leadership of the head of the company’s security service. Information about the state of affairs at the protected object is constantly transferred to the operational duty company according to the established schedule and instructions. In the absence of a timely report on the facility, all necessary measures are taken to establish a connection with the object and, if necessary, send an operational mobile group.

Equipment: special clothing of the guards corresponding to the client’s internal policy.

The selection of guards takes place taking into account the individual requirements and wishes of the client, the features and complexity of the object, but not older than 45 years old, who served in the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, other specialized units, with mandatory review by a psychiatrist, a narcologist and subsequent examination by the commission in the medical units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

In case of emergency, there is a backup operational group.

Our company provides services of highly skilled experienced drivers – guards, security guards for individuals to accompany both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.