Security and apartment: 6 tips how to avoid fires or save them from them

Evaluate the risks in advance
You need to think about fire safety even when you buy an apartment. Buyers should immediately ask about the presence (or the intention to install, if the house is still being built) fire hoses in apartments and corridors, smoke detectors, and the operational capacity of the fire alarm system. Also, it will not be superfluous to specify, the house is connected to the central fire department; doors open to the stairs open.

Do not clog up

Corridors and cold transitions are ways to evacuate. In the event of a fire, sledges and scooters in the corridors reduce your chances of salvation.

Be responsible

Interested in the ZHEK or OSMD in the presence of a budget for supporting fire safety. Most often, there is no money for it. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that in the general corridor the PC cabinets are equipped, fire extinguishers are functioning (diagnosis is carried out once a year, refueling of powdered ones – every 2 years, carbon dioxide – 1 time in 5 years).

Repair do it wisely

It is not necessary to dismantle fire detectors and firefighting kits in apartments. They will need you in case of fire. If the kits are uncomfortable installed, it’s easier to move them to another location. True, then you have to lay pipes from a special riser, which is always filled with water.

In the process of repair (dirty work) you need to carefully close the fire sensor in the apartment or ask the specialists to temporarily shut it off, because he works in dust. If the sensors react every half hour, the LEC / OSMD can simply turn off the alarm. In addition, mechanisms that open the smoke shaft malfunctions from the system’s frequent operation fail.

Do not close the door to the stairs

The staircase is a way of evacuation. Therefore, it is not necessary to close the doors leading to it at the key. It is better to install electromagnetic locks, which in the event of a fire automatically switch off.

Please note that the firebox and balcony are not the same thing.

If a part of the balcony is not glazed, it is not because the developer has saved. In this way compliance with the fire safety standards is ensured. This is a fire damper, where in the event of a fire you will be able to wait for help. If it is glazed, then the chances of perishing from suffocation grow at times.