Legal Services

Our qualified and effective assistance to our lawyers, lawyers in administrative, economic, criminal, civil matters related to family, business, and activities is aimed at achieving a positive result, regardless of the complexity and specific features of the relationship and customer satisfaction in its entirety..

Our activities include:

  • – legal support of business;
  • – Representation of the interests of the customer (individuals and legal entities);
  • – pre-trial dispute resolution;
  • – lawyer for civil law relations (residential, land, family, inheritance, contractual, etc.);
  • – lawyer for economic-legal relations (contractual, pretentious, etc.);
  • – registration of legal entities, individuals-entrepreneurs, public formations;
  • – lawyer for administrative affairs;
  • – criminal case lawyer;
  • – lawyer for tax matters;
  • – family lawyer;
  • – residential lawyer;
  • – lawyer for debts;