Information and analitycal

Present is not accepted without thorough and comprehensive inspection of partners, contractors, third parties, citizens, men / wives, as well as the collection and analysis of additional information. From the ability to make decisions and fulfill the promise depends not only the credibility and reputation of the business person, but also the image of his business.

The activity of our company is connected with business, official information from accessible sources and which is not prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine, in particular:

  • 1. Search and document information;
  • 2. Checking the authenticity and unreliability of the information.
  • 3. Information Analytics.
  • 4. Informational security

You can receive information service both in a complex, and each separately. We guarantee the authenticity of the information provided, objective and comprehensive verification of information, thorough analytics, with reasonable prices and minimum terms of execution.

1. Search and document information.

We provide a full range of services for finding business information using a variety of sources, the trust of which is beyond doubt. Find information by force of your employees by taking the necessary steps, as well as obtaining information from partner programs.

The most relevant are the following:

  • – the absence / connection with the “criminal past” and the presence of problems with the Law;
  • – about material and property status and solvency;
  • – the presence of unfulfilled court decisions and orders, as well as other obligations;
  • – about credit history;
  • – about commercial activity and place of work;
  • – about marital status, children and previously married ones;
  • – about education and places of study;
  • – about human behavior in everyday life and informal environment;
  • – about participants in future commitments;
  • – about the purity of the property before the purchase;
  • – about characteristics from previous places of work;
  • – about the commercial activity of a legal entity, etc.

2. Checking the authenticity and unreliability of the information.

In most cases, information received from only one source can not determine objectivity. Therefore, we focus on checking data and detecting facts of falsehood and false data, in particular:

  • – validation of biographical data;
  • – verification of authenticity of documents certifying a person, signature;
  • – checking the compliance of documents with their bearer;
  • – verification of the authenticity of education documents;
  • – checking information about marital status, previous marriages and children;
  • – verification of information about the place of work, income, participation in commercial activity;
  • – verification of credentials, characteristics, recommendations;
  • – verification of information and facts from the biography, which are reported to the competitor;
  • – other verifications of the authenticity and authenticity of events / actions.

3. Information Analytics.

Based on the information received or provided, the analytics department processes existing information to confirm its validity or to confirm that it is not true..

To analytical activity refers:

  • – comprehensive study and analysis of the provided information and data;
  • – modeling possible scenarios / actions;
  • – assessment of risks in making possible decisions;
  • – assessment of risks in the event of rejection or delay of the terms of decision-making;
  • – forecasting the availability of information from counterparties and partners, individuals;
  • – determining the timeliness of the information received.

4. Informational security

The main areas of activity of the company on information security are:

  • – security of computer networks;
  • – delimitation of access rights to official information;
  • – carrying out preventive measures aimed at assessing compliance with established requirements;
  • – Investigation of information leakage facts;
  • – countering spy on the part of competitors;
  • – detection of unreliable employees, partners and clients;
  • – comprehensive checks of employees before access to closed information;
  • – identification of affiliated employees with other companies, etc.