Chemists have developed refractory wallpaper with a graphene fire detector

Chinese chemists from the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics have improved the technology of using graphene sensors in wallpaper and created non-combustible inorganic paper, which is not only resistant to fire, but also contains thermocouples capable of timely warning of a fire.

The basis of the wallpaper is the structure of the nanosilver hydroxyapatite longer than 10 micrometers and a thickness of about 10 nanometers. In the paper, these threads are in two states: in the form of flat weave nets, as well as in the form of micrometers, in which hydroxyapatite threads are wound on glass wires from silicon oxide.

These fibers give the structure a mechanical strength, while retaining a small amount of material and resistance to open flame.

Scientists note that their smart fireproof wallpapers with thermal sensors have sufficient sensitivity and resistance to fire so that in the future such materials could be used to increase the fire safety of residential premises