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Physical security

The main focus of our activity on the market of physical protection services is the joint application at protected objects, both directly to physical posts and technical means of protection, which are used to increase the efficiency and reliability of the entire complex of security facilities.

Our guards are obliged to pass the certification of the DSO (State Security Service).

Equipment: special bodyguard (winter-summer) suit, police uniform “Titan” or suit corresponding to the client’s internal policy.
Arms: a knife, a gas cylinder, a pistol prescribed by the law of the sample.
Optional equipment: radio communication and emergency communication with the next section, by relevant officials.

The selection of people is based on the requirements of the client and the features of the facility, but not older than 45 years, who have served in the army, with mandatory testing by a psychiatrist, a narcologist and subsequent examination by the commission in honey. Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Kyiv.
Attorney DSA Guard passes after taking examinations in special disciplines and obtaining a state certificate.
Our company also provides services of experienced highly skilled drivers – guards.

Centralized control of posts of protection is carried out by the head of the guard service (the head of the object’s security). Information about the state of affairs at the protected object is constantly transferred to the operational duty firm according to the established schedule. In the absence of a timely report on the facility, all necessary measures are taken to establish a connection with the object and, if necessary, send an operational mobile group.

In case of emergency, there is also a backup group of operative

Prices, cost of security services Saturn-K:

The cost of security services may vary depending on the volume of work performed, the level of security inspectors, the technical security of the protected object and the forms of payment. The final calculation of the cost of the object’s security is carried out after the object inspection, the definition of the regime and the coordination of the order of the object’s security.

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